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Working in the dead of night, when most people were safely in their beds, Fiona Joyce recorded a selection of her own songs covering subjects as diverse as immortality, the demands of young children, partying, political prisoners, mysticism, and imminent unemployment. Also on the album are Fiona's interpretations of "Crazy Man Michael", by Richard Thompson and Dave Swarbrick, and "Down Where The Drunkards Roll", by Richard Thompson.

Originally released in 1991, on vinyl and cassette only, Behind Closed Doors quickly became a sought after collectors' item on the underground round market. Due to growing worldwide interest in the album, River Valley Records decided to make it available on CD from 1 September 1993.

n instantly superior kind of singer/songwriter with a strong Celtic feel, Fiona debuted in 1991 with this much hailed pressing, complete with fine covers of two Richard Thompson songs"
       - Record Collector Magazine (UK)

"An exceptional item, with haunting Irish songs, laced with some burning guitar and backed excellently by the cream of the Irish scene. An excellent disc, breathing life into songs filled with melancholy and Celtic mysticism"
       - Wild Places (USA)

"It's fundamental appeal pivots around Fiona's exceptional vocal and song writing ability, plus the band's brisk, turn-on-a-centime alertness. Stretching from a sensuous purr to effortless flight, her talents mark her as a major contender… The opening chapter of a brilliant career."
       - Folk On Tap (UK)

"For all who live their music will love and passion, Fiona Joyce will touch their hearts... brilliant progressive folk"
       - Paperlate (Italy)

"A fine showcase for her powerful and memorable voice - a sensuous Celtic mood."
       - Dirty Linen (USA)

"Brilliant folkpsych, by far the best album from the Isles since tile late 70's, cuts through and destroys all the retro releases...Gonna be huge!"
       - Gregg Breth (USA)

River Valley Records, Shruthaun, Baltinglass, County Wicklow, Ireland